Company introduction

"GOULA“internationally renowned brand from Spain,unique wooden toy series,is a subsidiary of JUMBO DISET BV。All wooden toys are designed to the highest standards of production. Products range 0-6 years of puzzles, games and creative pre-school toys.

Product design and development is an important cornerstone of Goula.Its internal design department elite, able to implement all the wonderful ideas into products.

The entire team of talents, including child development experts, graphic designers, printing experts, product engineers, manufacturing experts platemaking and other professionals.

We manufacture toys using sustainable economy forest, non-toxic paint and ink, wood is a decomposable material, environmental health, wooden toys, with its texture, shape, size and intimacy as the most suitable baby playing with toys.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility has two main dimension : the social and the environmental.

Our commitment implies respecting and promoting the rights of people and especially children, the growth of society and care for the environment. This commitment translates into specific actions with the aim of benefiting all of society and those in the company (workers, suppliers, distributors and the community as a whole), obtaining better performance and sustainability of the company and of the environment. Diset has signed the ICTI agreement, which is the international code of best practices within the toy industry. Also, all Diset games and toys manufactured in Spain are developed by social organisations that employ handicapped staff, thus contributing to their integration into society.

We base our proposal of value on quality, manufacturing our products with the highest-quality materials, and the strictest quality control measures. In a social sense, we are committed to children in any situation, and we try to guarantee the right to play for those who for a variety of reasons wouldn’t have access to our toys if it weren’t for the donations that we make every year.

We would like to be able to respond to the many requests that we receive from different areas, but we channel our charity work through NGO's that guarantee the maximum impact of our product so that they can benefit the greatest number of people. For this reason, we don’t in general make private product donations.