Our vision

We believe that wood as a material is timeless, very durable and naturally appeals to children and adults alike. And we believe we have a point. New generations of children are just as excited when they play with our wooden toys as their parents were before them.

Wood from renewable forests Since 2014 all the wood we use is FSC-labeled. This ensures that it comes from renewable forests and that no unique biospheres are destroyed.

“It may sound peculiar in the modern world where everything happens at a rapid pace, but we focus on long-term sustainability and durability. If our toys are durable enough to be passed down from generation to generation without needing repair and they are still perceived as fresh and innovative, that’s when we have achieved our goal.”

“We hope that we can create high-quality, timeless toys that will appeal to children all over the world. That’s the essence of our “happy childhood memory” idea.